Coil-Over Suspension Conversions

1rst, let me say that the handling is a dramatic improvement over the original torsion bar suspension. The "reason" is because the roll points for the lower control arms have moved out at least 12" compared to torsion bars. The springs are located outside the frame rails instead of inside as with torsion bars. This limits the weight transfer and body roll, making the car much more stable.

  Other improvements include Rack & Pinion steering. This  greatly improves the steering firmness and removes the slop found in most A,B & E body Mopars. Typical Mopars have 8 steering pivot points which include 4 tie rod ends, pitman arm and idler arm. In comparison, Rack and pinion has 2 normal pivot points.  

Now, let's look at the kits themselves.  QA1 and AlterKation (Reilley Motorsports) are, in my opinion, the best of breed currently on the market.  Each has uniqueness and each have Pros & Cons. Things to consider are order-to-ship times, construction style, cost and support if needed.
QA1 (Gerst) Coil-Over Kit - This kit is nicely constructed, well-supported, very aesthetic looking and performs quite well using the double adjustable QA1 shocks. I DO NOT recommend using the  power rack provided with this kit.  It is a Ford-type rack, mass produced, and in my opinion, not heavy enough for steering load. I had problems, replaced the rack and tried several modifications. The results weren't any better. Flat out, it was noisy on turns in parking lots.  QA1 will not let you order the kit without the rack so your choices are: live with it or use a Flaming River rack.

Alterkation Coil-Over Kit - This kit is well constructed, performance oriented, heavy duty and performs well using Viking double-adjustable shocks. Reilly Motorsportsd has chosen to use a Flaming River rack, which is costlier, but much heavier duty, I had no problems with noise from steering load. The lower control arm bushing design is different than the QA1. more to be revealed ... 

**** Notes  ***
Both suspensions have similar anomalies. Shock bushings do not exist, rather the bushings are steel. Steel to Steel makes clunks. So, unless you order special inserts for the shocks, there will be minor clicks on tight turns and braking. Also, I don't have a drawing posted, but, Most of the load on the new suspension hangs behind the most rearward frame bolt.  In other words, all of the load is on 2 frame connecting bolts.  I advise adding a rear brace to each side at the rear of the new k-member. 

These suspensions need a stout rack & pinion. Flaming River's works well, but is quite expensive as an upgrade. Not only do you have to buy the rack, but they charge for a FR ONLY column joint and bushings. 

Power steering pumps must be modified to lower the pressure for RACKS. 

I also had to provide grease fittings for the lower control arms on QA1