Good for 100, 000 more miles.  All new & updated!

 ...... the DRAGNET car Finished! 

This 1967 Dodge Coronet 4dr Hardtop is a SUPER-CLEAN project. 2 0f these cars with 426 Hemi's were actually sold to the government. The previous owner purchased expensive upgrades for the car including every clip, nut, & bolt and never got a chance to finish the project. I have re-assembled the car over the past 2 months and now I need to find its new owner, whom ever that might be.

The new owner will have the chance to control the final price and quality of the finished piece by interacting with me as I move forward. I will be posting pictures daily.  Currently, this car was delivered without the front clip installed. My 1rst order of business is to install the front clip and make the car run and drive. The engine is new with Eldebrock Performer heads and a bunch of other goodies,.

The features of this car are:
318 engine with aluminum heads : 727 automatic transmission : Air Condtioning : Blue Interior - NEW : Front Discs - 4 piston

2/21/20 Installed front fenders
2/26/20 Paint match for engine bay
2/27/20 Removed premium headers, Hotchkiss torsion bars and replaced with original components
2/29/20 Prep & Paint Engine bay and grille parts
03/01/20 Start engine bay  grille re-assembly
03/08/20 Engine bay assembly. Install starter, exhaust manifolds, steering box, trans lines, pulleys, belts & wiring
03/10/20 Engine Start - Oil Pressure 60 lbs,  No ticks, new sparkplugs, alt belt
03/20/20 Carb work, install, grille, bumper, hood and adjust, install steering column, and brake booster,
03/22/20 rebuild Holley 600 cfm carb and test -  Good results - engine idles well. good oil pressure, temp normal
03/24/20 vacuum booster needs changed, AC & PS belt installed
03/25/20 Install rear carpet, Ammeter working, fill transmission, check differential
03/26/20 Power Steering working, re-route exhaust for steeering to work, ready for test drive
03/27/20 Install fuel tank, Test drive - needs brake booster work, install wiper motor and test wipers 
03/28/20 test fuel guage, connect & test blower circuit, install splash shields under fenders and front bumper 
03/29/20 Change brake booster & master cyliner
04/04/20 Remove AC compressor, drain oil, refill to proper level & re-install
04/10/20 Evacuate AC, check for leaks, add 1 freon 
04/12/20 Check AC for leaks, resolve, add freon and test operation
04/20/20 Replace left side wheel studs with right hand thread studs
04/22/20 Finish trunk area, check AC duct operation, install new carpeting
04/24/20 Install seat cover, clean & install seats 
04/28/20 Install seat belts, front & rear, Prep driver's door for interior paint touch up
04/30/20 Road test vehicle, Install washer pump & test
05/02/20 Rework carb linkage for throttle cable. Install drivers door panel
05/03/20 Adjust brake light switch & test 
05/04/20 Place Ad in Hemmings magazine.
05/30/20 Install 2 barrel intake manifold and carb. Install original harmonic balancer.
06/06/20 Replace expansion valve, evacuate and recharge AC system
06/15 - 07/04 Daily Driving