70 Challenger

1970 Dodge Challenger Convertible 440 6-pack .509 /292 with a 2500 stall converter  connected to 727 trans with turbo-action valve body, slapstick shifter and Gear Vendors overdrive hooked to a set of 3:90's out back. 

The old description is below: 
1970 Dodge Challenger Convertible 383 / 727 Automatic.  The Challenger is in for basic maintenance and sound control insulation. This car has the 'SlapStick' shifter and it is a lot of fun. No frills here, Just strong 383 performance all through the RPM range.  383 HP / 727 automatic / 390 gears   This vehicle arrived for basic service and electrical work.  I removed the dashboard, installed dsynamat, and repaired all things electrical along the way.  The engine had a noisy valvetrain, but after some carb re-engineering and a few oil changes., the noise sub-sided. Up next was a gear change from 3:23 to 3:90 for a little more AND NOW for the 2023 upgrades! See below

Coil-Over Conversion

06/07/12 Car arrvies
06/10/23 Remove engine, transmission and k-frame assembly
06/18/23 Inspect frame rails and decide how to proceed
06/20/23 disconnect lower part of frame rails
06/24/23 move car to metal shop
06/26/23 Transmission re-build work
07/05/23 Mock-up car and take measurements for frame rail removal
07/07/23 Release and remove drivers frame rail and shock support
07/14/23 Install new left side frame rail and shock support
07/18/23  Release and remove right frame rail and shock support
07/20/23 Install new right frame rail and shock support
08/01/23 Install frame stiffeners & supports 
09/22/23 Replace  front floor  and transmission crossmember
10/15/23 Prep and paint engine bay
11/11./23 Assemble engine, transmission and coil -over assembly and install in vehicle
11/15/23 Install doors
11/20/23 Undercar floor prep and paint
11/30/23 Install overdrive unit and measure for driveshaft
12/05/31 Fit & install Driveshaft
12/06/23 Power steering pump modifications
12/10/23 Trans line, floor shifter, and steering column fitment
12/15/23 Steering column modifications
12/17/23 Wiring harness install, crank test, install sparkplugs
12/20/23 Replace harmonic balancer, belt fitment
12/26/23 Install 6 pack, brackets and linkage
12/28/23 Install fuel lines, connect exhaust pipes and prep for run
12/31/23 Engine 1st start and function test
01/08/24 Install Fenders & adjust
2/1/24 Fender & hood work 
2/4/24 Remove brightwork for refurbish
2/5/24 passenger door glass work
2/11/24 Install new rear springs
2/15/24 Install new exhaust with cut-outs
2/19/24 Install overdrive speedo drive, install sensor and wiring
2//20/24 Cut-out wiring, install sway bar(front) 
2/22/24 trans shifter work, R&R intake manifold, install vapor canister, splash shields 
2/26 drivers door glass work, overdrive wiring
2/28/24 install new passenger window, change door handles
3/2/24 install heater box, seat belts, coolant recovery system,
3/6/24 tach wiring, fender, hood adjustments 
3/12/24 change shackles, install new u-bolts, install rear shocks
3/14/24 replace rear main seal, and oil pan gaskets
3/21/24 recondition interior panels, install door seals, adjust glass
3/25/24 install new valve covers