72 Olds 442 454 w  5 Spd Tremec

This is Olds is in for a manual transmission conversion along with some major suspension and brake upgrades. Also being converted to fuel injection using Terminator X with 8 injector throttle body. Check out the Dakota dash video below.. They work well with these 

12/29/22 Car received and eval
12/30/22 Perfrom bell housing run-out check 
01/02/23 Install TO bearing and trans assembly, measure for driveshaft
01/03-04 Install new Upper,Lower front control arms and coil overs
01/05/23 Driveshaft fitment
01/18/23 Undercar prep, add oil, steering & trans fluids, exhaust hook ups
02/05/23 Strip, prep & paint firewall. Connect pressure regulator & fuel lines
02/07/23 Crank test, Blow #1, reset distributor, install wires, ecu, and connect wring harnesss
02/15/23 Connect throttle cable, check for spark and resolve, ECU programming, fuel pump relay
02/15/23 Start engine, check clutch,  confirm run status
02/23/23 Breakdown differential. Remove axles.. Machine work to install large studs for rear wheels
02/27/23 Install new EB components and rear brake kit,  Axles needed shimmed for new backing plates
03/01/23 Resolve engine run issues.  Program BIM module & install. Configure Dakota Dash for ECU data
04/15/23  set height, align, 
04/30/23 Road Test
05/15/23 Raod Test
05/25/23 Highway raod test
06/01/23 Owner piuckup car