1969 Dodge Coronet RT

This 1969 Dodge Coronet RT is in for maintenance and upgrades. I am replacing the original dash wiring harness and attending to some electrical gremlins.

07/05/23 Record gauges readings,  check tach calibration,  clock check set-point, 
07/06/23 Replace main dash harness, engine harness
07/07/23 Breakdown dash assembly, ohm check gauges, install volt meter, replace burnt lens
07/09/23 Test all dash switch function - (bad wiper motor)
07/15/23 Install dual field alternator & regulator - test
07/16/23 Install wiper motor
07/18/23 Install Radio and test
07/20/23 Trace circuits for console lighting, dash lamps, & back-up lights, create new harnesses and test
07/22/23  Re-assemble dash, install new voltage reg & prep for install
07/23/23 R & R dash and ohm certify circuit traces
07/24/23 Check gauges.  Replace oil pressure sender and temp sender. Prove fuel gauges works
07/25/23 Final dash to dash board assembly. Check all circuits Replace washer switch
07/26/23 Install Ashtray, glovebox, and door
07/27/23 Final Checks