1939 Buick Special 40

This Gangsta Car comes with a STRAIGHT 8, 3 on the tree and 4:44 rear end.  The goal is to resolve overheating issues., convert from 6 volts to 12 volts and add A/C.  I will post progress as I move along.

06/08/24 Initial inspection. Remove water pump and verify impeller operation. Block bypass to force water through the radiator. Check block drain.  Road testing. Install visor. Remove carb and repair fuel leak. 

06/15/24 spent the week talking, studying & learning about 1939 Buick ONLY straight engines and common overheating problems.  IN 1939 this was a non-pressurized system and consequently anytime the temp goes beyond 212, the coolant boils and spills on the ground. This was common at the time. Our challenge is to use technology to improve the system and remove the obstacles so we can add A/C.