68 Coronet Convertible

The Coronet is in for a GEN III Hemi Upgrade. I will be installing a 5.7 Gen III Hemi and upgrading the tranmission to a Tremec TKX 5 speed from Silver Sport. It also will be receiving a coil over suspension conversion from GERST (QA1) so that we can convert to rack & pinion steering.  Rack & pinion is a more efficient type of steering, but, Mopars have had probl;ems with rear steer racks (when the steering arm is behind the spindle.) Using the QA1 conversion, it will be a front steer rack and the turning radius problems will be gone. A list of the components is below.

05/2022 With the engine conversion being completed, the engine management components were temporarily installed and I used HP Tuner software to connect via ODBC and download the current tune provided by Mopar.

07/15/2022 I removed the k member and `engine assembly.  Using conversion mounts, I installed the Gen III Hemi in the K frame for mockup, wiring harness and clearance issues. The new suspension is en route and should arrive within the next few days,  This project will accelerate rapidly in the next several weeks and expect to be doing trail runs soon.

07//21/22  I have assembled the k-frame assembly in preparation for the k-frame swap
07/31/22 The Coronet has been moved to the lift shop, the engine assembly & k-frame removed, the engine installed in the new k-member assembly and re-installed in the body as a complete unit!

08/31/22 1rst Start. All electrical and physical connections have been made. A crank test was performed to test starter operation and fuel pump prime.  The 2nd crank was INSTANT RUN! The engine roared to life and picked up oil pressure immediately. Now there are many sub-systems that need to be completed.

09/12/22  Sub-system connections continue.  A/C hoses are modified, drier installed, evacuate and recharge, basic alignment, digital dash setup and gauge testing. Wiring harness merge. Power steering lines fabrication and installation, et.c.

This 68 Coronet Covertible came by way of a Tremec 5-speed conversion from a 727 automatic.  It was a complete Keisler kit with hydraulic slave cylinder. The vehicle sports a 440 engine, early Holley Sniper Fuel Injection, Willwood front disc brakes, 11" rear drum brakes. pistol grip shifter, remote camera and more. Truly a beutiful automobile.

Build List

  • 5.7 liter Gen III Hemi
  • Tremec TKX 5 speed
  • QA1 Suspension kit - k-frame, coil overs, adjustable shocks, rack & pinion, motor mounts 
  • Bellhousing / Flywheel / Clutch Assembly
  • TTI Hesders
  • Mopar Engine Management Kit - wiring harness, ECU, throttle pedal, power distribution block
  • Throttle Body
  • McLeod Hydraulic Throw-out bearing