68 Plymouth Satellite Gen III Hemi

Resto-mod project., this vehicle came equipped with a 383 / 4 speed.  I am going to do a Gen III Hemi conversion complete with the 8HP70 8-speed automatic transmission.  Check back frequently to view the progress.  I will be installing a 6.4 Scat Pack engine using an Alterkation front suspension kit.  LATEST PICS ARE @ THE BOTTOM

11/26/22 Engine and Components arrrival
11/27/22 Engine teardown, parts inventory, Suspwnaion mock-up
122/2/22 Car Arrival
12/3/22 Change oil pan, install mounts and subframe - engine assembly is ready for test fit.
12/4/22 Old Engine removal preparation
12/6/22 Remove evaporator, Ac controls, break down suspension and remove
12/7/22 Remove engine/transmission assembly
12/8-10/22 Prep body and frame for new engine/trans fitment
12/11/22 tunnel modifications for new trans brackets
12/12/22 Test fit new engine trans assembly 
12/16/22 Check trans alignment, trim tabs, and check clearances - Headers don't fit - Trans crossmember rubs.
12/16/22 SRV controller doesn't clear firewall
12/17/22 Assemble and install spindle assemblies and control arms
12/20/22 Remove k-frame assembly and modify engine mount location
12/23/22 Re-install and test engine / trans fitment  
12/24/22 setup new fuel tank, install tank & fuel regulator
01/05/23 Mock up engine wiring harness, a/c block off measurements
01/08/23 Order Driveshaft / drop off hub / mock-up wiring harness for ECU
01/08 - 01/12 Fabricate firewall plate for A/C, refinish for new harness
01/20/23 Remove passenger seat. Run power distribution cables and fuel control wiring
01/29/23 Finish firewall area, wiring routing, heater hose install, install intake manifold
01/30/23 Dash pad & gauge assembly removal
02/03/23 Raise vehicle, install headers, install fuel lines, brake lines, check wiring harness lengths for ECU & trans
02/07/23 Rear shock frame mock-up and install for 4 link
02/18/23 Install h-pipe and exhaust fitment work  Power steering, cooler, adapters and line install
02/25/23 Evaporator mock-up and install
03/01/23 Wiring harness, ECU, TCU installs
I had a problem with the TCU and it took a few weeks to diagnose and receive a new one. Now, all is good and the car runs & drives.  Time to shake out the bugs!
03/30/23 Remove steering column and re-fit
04/15/23 Engine starts and runs and the transmission is now working!
04/30/23 Install 4 link and shocks
04/30/23 Replace brake booster and master cylinder, install  brake z-bar 
05/15/23 Exhaust and Cut-outs installed from headers back
06/01/23 Finish A/C & charge system
06/02/23 Road Test
06/03/23 Road Test The tires are accelerating faster than the trans can shift - need a posi
06/04/23 Raod Test
06/05/23 Road Test
06/06/23 etc 
06/24/23 Change filter, regulator
07/08/23 Replace windshield gasket, clips and install windshield
07/15/23 Add over-ride switches to console for cut-outs, fan control, and fuel pump shut-off
07/24/23 Install Posi Unit and test
07/25/23 Interior work and install switch assembly 
08/10/23 Change oil pan to fit under k-member 
09/25/23 Weld console mounting brackets
09/28/23 Remove seats and carpet,  Weld floor, seam seal and re-install
10/10/23 Wiring specifics and dash finalization, duct work. etc
10/20/23 Strip seat. chnage seat back and recover . Re-install seat
11/7/23 Driveline angle check
11/8/23 Spin test and locate bent axle.
11/17/23 Install new axle set
11/20/23 Vibration is better, but still an issue. Further research reveals CRITICAL SPEED with the driveshaft is an issue.
12/15/23 Ordered new driveshaft & 1350 yoke for differential
12/27/23 Picked up new driveshaft and prepare for install.
01/02/24 Install new yoke and driveshaft & Test.
01/04/24 ** Success **  Vibration issue resolved