Mecum 2022 Kissimmee

Friday, January 28, 2022

 A tuba, trombone and snare drummer paraded the grounds and you could not hear the auctioneer. They also had a stage for musicians and entertainers. Why? I'm not really sure. SO, I sent an email to Mecum and this is what it said:


The auction was only missing the clown and an elephant. (it was a circus) There was even a brass band! The tuba had Brass Band printed on it!  I was disappointed with the presentation. 

  I counted 4 view screens total, One was frozen for hours and nobody knew how to reset it. The large one was blinded by the sunlight and good luck finding the other 2. 

Then almost all of the stadium seating was blocked for bidders only.  Do you think MotorTrend was soliciting auction goers for live streaming services? Having a stage with 'live" music and bands parading around the grounds isn't really what we expect at an auction. If you can't see the auction and you can't clearly hear the auction, then why go?


The results?  The millennials fell in love with the 65-70 Mustang pony cars all over again.  Even a  coupe is bringing 5x more than 2 years ago.

Corvette prices were all over the board, but in general, lower than expected unless you had good documentation and /or  show experience. 

Restomods are in high demand and bring high dollars (well over $100k)  for the right combo. Many were sold in the $200 - $300,000 range.

Trucks did quite well also. I saw a Bronco sell for $95,000!  The average old generation trucks were bring ing over $40,000 consistently.

I see an improvement in the viewiable quality of the cars and I attribute that to the fact many of the cars have been re-worked several times.

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