East Coast Garage Center

Monday, March 22, 2021

I want to create a south Florida community garage center for car buffs, mechanics and collectors. IF you have more than a few cars, the issues are the same. Not enough time, no help, not enough space and the list goes on.  I know people spending large amounts of money to build a 'man cave' and then, they are missing something.  Friends, Specialists, Tools, Lifts, Convienence and so on.  If we pool our resources on a common goal, the possibilities are endless.

The basics are:

  • Warehouse space located near I95 for easy access
  • Place to store vehicles in a showroon environment
  • On site mechanic to attend to basic vehicle maintenance
  • Service bays & lifts available for member use - (disclaimer required)
  • 24/7 access for members
  • Wash bay facilities
  • Camera survellience & security inside / outside with phone app
  • Concierge Service available that includes complete automotive services provided by Moparresto.
  • Personal Webpage and Story about your car

Fees would be based / sq. ft. usage.

Example: A month storage for 1 vehicle occupying 300 sq ft. (30 x10) , with member access and services could be about  $3/ sq ft/ /month. 

To be included would be a service to maintain the vehicle in running condition and prep prior to pick up.

Additional services could be provided al la carte.

Anyone interested should contact Rick Rossi rick@moparresto.com or 561-699-0252

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