68 Coronet Convertible

The Coronet is in for a GEN III Hemi Upgrade. I will be installing a 5.7 Gen III Hemi and upgrading the tranmission to a Tremec TKX 5 speed from Silver Sport. It also will be receiving a coil over suspension conversion from GERST (QA1) so that we can convert to rack & pinion steering.  Rack & pinion is a more efficient type of steering, but, Mopars have had probl;ems with rear steer racks (when the steering arm is behind the spindle.) Using the QA1 conversion, it will be a front steer rack and the turning radius problems will be gone. A list of the components is below.

05/2022 With the engine conversion being completed, the engine management components were temporarily installed and I used HP Tuner software to connect via ODBC and download the current tune provided by Mopar.
This 68 Coronet Covertible came by way of a Tremec 5-speed conversion from a 727 automatic.  It was a complete Keisler kit with hydraulic slave cylinder. The vehicle sports a 440 engine, early Holley Sniper Fuel Injection, Willwood front disc brakes, 11" rear drum brakes. pistol grip shifter, remote camera and more. Truly a beutiful automobile.

Build List

  • 5.7 liter Gen III Hemi
  • Tremec TKX 5 speed
  • QA1 Suspension kit - k-frame, coil overs, adjustable shocks, rack & pinion, motor mounts 
  • Bellhousing / Flywheel / Clutch Assembly
  • TTI Hesders
  • Mopar Engine Management Kit - wiring harness, ECU, throttle pedal, power distribution block
  • Throttle Body
  • more to be added as I go