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Order your muscle car now!


We locate, evaluate, transport, inspect, refresh and deliver your purchase to you. The process of procurement to delivery can range from 7 to 364 days. Every purchase must adhere to the signed estimate contract which defines what is expected of both parties and the final condition of the vehicle you receive.  Special requirements and certifications become part of your estimate contract. 


Step 1

 72 hour Estimate - Submit your request using the following form. Once your request has   been received, a confirmation email will be sent indicating your request is being processed. You will be contacted within 3 business days with your estimate.

Our estimate will include the closest match available based on your indicated requirements. 

Step 2

Review your estimate. Once completed, if you wish to proceed, you will be presented with a contract that stipulates the terms, fees, completion times, and expectations between the buyer and Muscle Cars Etc. 

Depending on the requested condition of the car, completion and arrival times will vary which will be stipulated in the contract. Muscle Cars Etc. offers multiple services that you may request before accepting ownership of your new car.

Some of these services include:

bullet    Rotisserie Restoration
bullet    Mechanical Overhaul
bullet    Mechanical Refresh
bullet    Electrical Overhaul
bullet    Electrical Refresh
bullet    Interior Overhaul
bullet    Interior Refresh
bullet    Body Overhaul 
bullet    Body Refresh
bullet    Custom Modifications
bullet    Pickup and Delivery

 The pricing for these services will be listed on your estimate.  Review your estimate and indicate the services you are interested in.  Your contract will be prepared and delivered to you within 48 hours.

Step 3

Sign and return your contract with the required security deposit.  You will receive the title to your new car within the time specified on the contract. Muscle Cars Etc. will have your new car delivered to its facilities in Macedonia, Ohio for inspection and services you have specified.

Detailed pictures will taken of every area of the car for documentation before any repair services are rendered. Depending on the car condition and the services selected by you, the car will be prepared to match your requirements. Muscle Cars Etc. is not interested in long term projects. Each project is scheduled to be completed in less than 1 year. Vehicles left beyond the specified time will incur storage fees.

In the event Muscle Cars Etc. doesn't complete the project within the allotted time, Muscle Cars Etc. will discount the completed or unfinished work as stipulated in the late penalty clause of the contract.

Step 4

Delivery and Acceptance is the final step in the process. Once the car is complete, basic debugging is performed to resolve any defects. This process ensures that all services performed and materials used are checked for accuracy. Muscle Cars Etc. will deliver your new purchase on the date and time specified to the location you have chosen.


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