47 Cadillac Convert
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1947 Cadillac Convertible

Stopped by for some brake service, fuel system cleanup and wiring harness replacement - start @ end of page

before firewall cleanup ..... after firewall cleanup ...
look carefully @ the end of the bolts - metal shavings from starter bendix rubbing trunk prep
firewall pad installed - now time to start re-assembly starter, ready to install
firewall pad ready to install install dynamt on the firewall

rear glass assembly work

recondtion firewall vents

inside firewall cleanup

heater box assembly

dash pad and vent assemblies

dash removed

Freshen up the carb, change the wiring, give it a go!

It runs perfect!

new harness next to old harness

harness removal

This waring harness needs replaced!

The rear drums are in good condition also!

 BUT, the front wheel cylinders are not!

Get wheels off and inspect the brakes

The front drums are in good condition!

Give it a wash after 15 years and it looks good!

Found in a warehouse after 15 years


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