1953 Chevrolet
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1953 Chevrolet

53 After being painted!

Javier's Birthday

trunk and door jam prep & paint

adding cup holders adding vinyl
bending wood ...........
creating a console

go for a ride

clean er up

 Have the exhaust installed and now the car runs & drives!!!

install seats

prep the front fenders

clearances are close

test fit grill and latch assembly

connecting the air and radiator

routing the ac hoses
Creating a custom radiator solution installing the condensor for the Air Conditioning

install air conditioning controls

install steering column
trim it out ........... wire it up ............
were are going to make a new dash from the old bezel new guage plate

put the hood in primer

strip & prep the roof
check radiator clearance under hood
Mock up the fenders

wiring the engine 

the basics are working and the cars starts and runs
AND the wiring begins ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Prep the dash for texture coating 
A little paint, re-install body, cinch it all up
Looks good, now remove the body for some welding
Initial Mockup for the coil-over rear suspension

ready for paint

engine cleanup
firewall modifications for Air Conditioning firewall mods for Power Brakes

front suspension installed

It is re-attached ...........
lower the body onto the frame
flip it, paint it  put it together
prepare frame bottom for paint apply the paint
welding the frame welding the frame
prepare rear frame rail for 4 link installation
Prepare Crossmember for welding
The undercar is finished with Rock-It

finished floor - ready for paint

finish up and seam seal 

trunk pan inserted
we needed to cut out this section of floor new section inserted
Done! Now, we need  to get in in primer!
These guys did  a fantastic job, were done in a few hours and saved the crew a lot of time between manual labor, transportation charges, and down time.
We are going to blast the under-body of the car

It Fits!!!

re-install frame to body for engine test fit here we go ....
marking the crossmember for cut first tedt fit of crossmember
remove old front suspension initial mockup for new suspension
take the frame for a walk  it is getting a wash job
It is OFF!
here we go! up up and away
last look before the body comes off ......

Cool!!  What do you think it is ??

It is a 5.0 HO KIT!
the old engine is out guess what's inside
fill hood seam  take a last look, cuz it is going
drivers side prep
looking good ...........
installing new panels rear trunk latch area
lower quarter panel repair panels installed
repiar patch installed with panel bonding adhesive
sandblasting inside trunk & quarter area  cut out bad metal
apply High build primer 
body work apply expoxy primer
sandblasting area metal scim expoxy over welds

lowered 3" by heating the front springs

cruising the 47 CHESTANG 03/14

removing chrome locations holes

cleaning up, looking good!
paint stripping begins
And the real work begins .... removing chrome attachment holes


run a compression test after running the engine
clean out the interior ..............
Clean out the trunk .......

works begins 02/14/14


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